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01- Black 09- Tan
02- Chocolate Brown 05- Caramel
03- Burgundy 07- Light Grey
04- Blue 10- White
06- Dark Grey 12- Bright Red
08- Red 15- Teak
13- Teal

Mark 10


Mark 9

Mark 4
Mark 9, Mark 4, Vette S/W- We start with one piece of billet aluminum the grade is 6061 T-6 which is an aircraft grade. The frame is cut out as one piece so there are no welds or crimps of the spokes at the rim.
Billet refers to a solid piece of metal from which a part is machined out as opposed to a casting which is molten metal poured into a mold. Polished castings look the same as polished billet.
Banjos Lecarra offers two different banjos, the beautiful and luxurious #552 with a modern flair and the Newstalgic #553 in the traditional style with branded and bent wires. Both hand stitched with the finest leather. The 552 also comes in wood.
Mark 3
Laminated mahogany wood is layered 9 layers to the inch to be stronger than solid wood, it is attatched with real rivets and all hand made


Mark 8
Mark 2 Wood wrap, the wrap refers to how the woodwork is done. Thin strips of mahogany wood are wrapped around in a circle glued over each other like tape on a roll until it is thick enough to machine down into the shape of the wheel. This is stronger than solid wood.